Bertrand Russel – Before the propaganda hit.

Bertrand Russel, a famous pacifist, wrote a letter to a friend in 1937 expressing the views that many British intellectuals of the time held about Germany and their leader Adolf Hitler. Despite the barrage of lies and hateful propaganda that was spread during Hitler’s rise to power, in the worlds most unanimous democratic revolution, Mr Russel’s intellect shone through.

“If the Germans succeed in sending an invading army to England we should do best to treat them as visitors, give them quarters and invite the commander and chief to dine with the prime minister, such behaviour would completely baffle them.”

Now this is obviously not outspoken support for any specific NS ideology but it does show however that Hitler was not seen as the beast that he is today. What is most interesting is the way that today, the party-line-toeing historians when faced with this position are baffled and don’t know how to react. An auctioneer who came across the article said

“He had some strange ideas about society and family life and the Nazis as well.”

“It is very striking to read it now and to think that such an intelligent person had such strange views.”

“I don’t suppose there were many intelligent people who were expressing such an opinion as his at the time.”

article-2544740-1ae8afed00000578-424_306x423When in reality there was a great deal of support and respect in Great Briton for the German Workers Party that had brought great prosperity to their people . The actions of the International Market Manipulators were obvious to many and it wasn’t until the propagandists condemnation reached fever pitch at the beginning of the war that the thinking classes turned against the German Reich.




“…Germany is engaged in building up a state on new and original lines which is entirely her own affair, whether we like it or not, [and] has no aggressive designs on any other country and wishes to be left alone to develop her internal economy and external trade.” – Arthur Pillans Laurie in ‘The Case for Germany’, 1939

This book shows quite clearly that the propaganda against the innocent Fuhrer was not successful in completely eliminating the truth, just as it fails to do so today. The Jewish museum of propaganda that bought the letter written by Bertrand Russel, the Wiesenthal Center, displays it along with letters from the Fuhrer himself speaking ill of the self proclaimed “chosen tribe”. This attempt to show the dangers of listening to intellectuals that “allow evil to flourish” backfires and shows how a great intellectual, who would have been very aware of the “anti-semetic” beliefs of the Leader of Germany, would see no problem in their policies.

The Wiesenthal Center is engaged in an endless campaign to “remind” us of the “evil” done by  the only white people to have managed to escape the clutches of Jewery in recent history.

Source – Charity Navigator

With a budget of millions they produce Hollywood blockbusters through Moriah Films and have funded countless news articles and “educational” programmes to ensure that anything even resembling the act of supporting white people is to be condemned profusely. They know the power of the Television Screen. They can convince you on the deepest subconscious level to despise those who want nothing but to save humanity from the domination of extra-national forces.

Their work is intricately linked with the US Department of State and propagandists such as the World Zionist Organisation. With the power to move resources far out weighing any pro white movement or revisionist historians such as Ernst Zundel or Germar Rudolf who have to bear the brunt of these falsifiers of history. Even the renowned “denier” David Irving, who has been a successful writer for decades is valued by the press at £900,000, couldn’t dream of having the impact that these extended wings of the US propaganda machine have.

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